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BLOW OUT SALE... help us clear some fridge and freezer space!

 1. 24-Packs of .05mL LIGHT BLUE Chronic Illness Formula  Gelcaps IN solid blue caps, normally $25, $10 Per Pack


 2. 5 Packs of 30 gram chocolates, same weight and dosage total per package as our standard 10-Pack Triple Strength Chocolates, approx. 800mg per package. Normally $30. $15 per package

 3. 10-Packs of Cherry Wine Whole Plant CBD 3X Cannabutter Chocolates WITH  CW CBD RSO, normally $40, $15 per package


 4. 4-packs of Cherry Wine Whole Plant CBD or THC Blend 3X Cannabutter Chocolates, normally $20 and $12, $12 per package on the Cherry Wine real CBD and $9 on the THC Blend

 5. 24-Pack YELLOW Landrace Sativa Energy Gelcaps in standard original clear Mylar foil backed packs, normally $30, $22 per package


 6. 2-Packs of YELLOW, BLUE, PINK or PURPLE Gelcaps $2.25 per package, or 2 packages for $4, normally $4 per package.

(Energy formula, Chronic Illness/Sleep Formula, Whole Plant CBD Formula and Severe Pain Formula)

 7. 10-Packs of Original SKMS TRIPLE Strength Cannabutter Chocolates same as usual, normally $30 Each, 4 packs $95

Ingestible medicine: 

(all whole plant long process concentrates, never extract!)

3X Cannabutter Chocolates

  • CherryWine CBD 4 Packs

  • Sleep Formula 10 Packs

  • THC Blend 10 Packs

  • THC Blend 14 Pack Gift Jars

3Xbutter & RSO Chocolates

  • CherryWine CBD 4 Packs

  • THC Blend 4 Packs

SKMS RSO Hard Candies

  • Lollipops CBD or THC RSO

  • 10 pack Cough Drops CBD or THC RSO


  • Blue and Light Blue Chronic Illness Formula (.05ml and .1ml)

  • CBD Cherry Wine Strain Formula

  • Yellow Energy Sativa Formula 

  • Purple Severe Pain Formula


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with product or pricing questions, or for our direct number. 

All costs are 'delivered', no additional fees.

Deliveries five days a week across seven counties of southern Maine.

Most products listed below are shown in the photo gallery above.


Premium Flower Hand Packed Custom Filter Organic Hemp Unbleached Paper 1 Gram Landrace Prerolls in Child Resistant Weather Resistant resealable Packaging perfect for the Maine Summer outdoors!

NIGERIAN HASH PLANT straight from Africa!!



Delivered for barely more than the cost of  flower! Message or email us to learn more, pics above.


  • Distillate Darts 1mL

Dab it or add it to flower, pure distillate with rosin and terp sap added in a 1mL syringe (picture in top row above), a great value, excellent pain or insomnia reliever. 

  • THC9 Distillate Carts

  • Whole Plant CBD Carts

  • Prerolls any strain

SKMS Weekly Flower Menu

  • Nigerian Hash Plant

  • True Blue Durban

  • Milk and Cookies

  • Girl Time

  • Colorado Cherry         

  • Cherry Wine (CBD)

  • Katmanglue

  • Jamaican Thai Stick

  • Himalayan Sativa

  • Pepper Kat

  • Blueberry Nepal

  • Nepalese Watermelon Haze

  • MOB Deep

  • Afghan I

  • Bubblegum

  • Mandelbrot - Bungs_Stash

  • Sweetooth Otto (CBD)


Topical Products:

  • Concentrated Topical Skin Cream (psoriasis and other uses)

  • Topical Pain Balm 90g approx.

We work with executives from:

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