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Healing in Maine with Cannabis

With America's addiction to EZ button health solutions, does Cannabis actually heal, or is it just the latest placebo fad from a bunch of pot enthusiasts? Does it cure cancer, heal chronic disease or manage mental or physical health challenges long term?

At SKMS we've worked with so many people over the years who answer an emphatic 'YES!' but there's more to health success than most in the industry know or share. As amazing as Cannabis and its active compounds are at combatting cancer cell capillary development, inflammation, seizures, endocannabinoid healing, chronic pain, PTSD symptoms, or helping neural pathway improvements, cardio rhythms or cellular regrowth- product selection, dosage and key related health work can be the difference between success and failure.

While so many are justifiably ecstatic at cannabis new found acceptance, its amazing gifts may be at risk more than ever. Molecular extracts using outdated 1800s pharmacology theory is marketed heavily 'as medicine' while it scientifically has no evidenced medicinal performance. Whole plant medicine which is more time intensive, costly to produce and requires higher quality standards is nearly impossible to find on the market. We meet people every week who have discovered this fact on their own, usually at great expense and time wasted on their health journey.

At SKMS we believe in the well documented and ancient healing properties of whole plant medicine, and would note that cutting edge pharmaceutical research is now following the same principles of ancient vibrational plant healing, now found in the 'quantum physics' cutting edge of medicine research.

Whole plant medicine, dosage guidance and all the related aspects of cannabinoid therapy, from nutrition to sleep patterns are key to success overcoming illness or managing health challenges. We've shared this knowledge with thousands of fellow Mainers, to hundreds of healthcare professionals in presentation seminars, and have hundreds of amazing health success testimonials. Its what keeps our world turning: helping others to a happier healthier life path.

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