"Thanks for being such a quality support system with all of this seizure stuff"   Woolwich ME

"It was skin cancer..it is gone now. I am a true believer. If people ask me if it works I say simply amazing. Cannot thank you enough, thanks again" Windham ME

"He's managing what we expect to be the last couple weeks.. amazingly. Reports no pain, has an appetite.  Turns down suboxone daily. Asks to go out and do stuff.  Docs are amazed he's not on a morphine drip"  Brunswick ME

"Masectomy cancelled.  Lumpectomy instead"   Lincoln County

"They aren't kiddin' that the VA gives you a second chance to kick the bucket for country.  Massive Opiate addiction gone, pain management working much better.  Able to work, feel sharp. Doing much better, thanks again." Sabattus

"multiple personality disorder..is um..gone.  Docs said no symptoms for months, come back in 6" Lewiston ME

"My post surgery pain was a breeze! RSO really works!!!!!" Lincoln County


"You guys F#%& rock....thank you thank you" Raymond ME

"Done with the Cymbalta poison. Thank you so much for helping me" Lewiston ME

"No seizures so far, month three"  Topsham ME

"One of our patients was just here, has leukemia, tried some of the capsules, says its the only canna that has worked for the vomiting, can she call?"  Portland ME

"I am in love with the SKMS edibles. Wow."  Greene ME

"Thanks for maintaining some great strains, some really unique and useful ones too, wow, thanks"  Biddeford ME

"Cancer in remission.  Come back in three months. for check up  First 9 chemo rounds apparently made it worse.  60 days of you guys made it go away.  dunno. thanks its amazing." Turner ME

"several years of 200 mg opiate script gone.  Thanks would be an understatement." Lisbon ME

"no more oxy or sub for a while now.  funny thing is I think the pain was the opiates.  Feeling much better.  Manage better with just a couple of the gelcaps a day.  If I don't take them it hurts, but nothing like it did during the opiates."

Portland ME

"Best and only Migraine Medicine EVER.  WOW.  Why isn't that strain everywhere???!!! THANK YOU!!" South Portland

"Thanks for everything you do, supreme quality products and educational support"  Topsham ME

"You guys really know your business and are easy to work with"  Standish ME

"knowledge and professionalism greatly appreciated" Georgetown ME

"Thank you for helping me get the right tools for the job.  Healthier tools. Life works so much more smoothly now, thank you"  Brunswick ME

"Seizures down from 21 to 1-2"  Litchfield ME

"One seizure in the last year" Cumberland County

"My dad, whom I've never known to sleep through the night or well, now reports 7-8 uninterrupted hours with your .05ml caps." Portland ME

"Thank you for all of the healing help provided. Thank you thank you"  New Gloucester ME

"things have definitely improved with your help"  Woolwich ME

"Those double dose cookies are amazing and were perfect for pain, did not get tired either, thank you"  Auburn ME

"OxyContin and Oxycodone gone, my liver and my wife thank you guys"  Lewiston ME

"thank you for the awesome service"  Brunswick ME

"I cannot believe how much I have been sleeping.  Awesome thanks so much. Forgot how great sleep is." Gray ME

"So grateful for the thoughtful, knowledgeable, educated and compassionate support"  Yarmouth ME

"Thank you for everything you have done for us"  Norway ME

"You were right about the diet stuff.  Cut out GMO and sugar.  If I try it again pain level doubles inside 40 minutes" Lewiston ME

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