Who we are and what we do

Each of us who help SKMS produce and deliver medicine across Maine for many years now, has a profound personal health-journey connection, to the healing power of plant medicine.


Like most of our clients, plant medicine has either changed or saved our lives too. We get it.


Results are everything.


We strictly use our own medicine, and believe very strongly in the importance of the continual pursuit of improved quality and the superior healing potentials of ancient landrace medicinal pure genetics grown locally and organically in relationships with their healers, in small fully environmentally controlled 'craft' non-production style gardens.


We are very wary of chemicals and pollutants, especially in air, water and soil, and run lots of HEPA filtered fresh air, multi filtered water and living soil as continual protection in a toxic world. 


We love what we do, we also know it is very serious, it is real life, sometimes the difference between life and not, or a peaceful end of life or an unpleasant one, or actually living versus just 'being here'.  It is an honor and a great responsibility to grow and produce SKMS medicines.

Those of us who have lifelong experience with medicinal plants, know that biochemistry is one way to understand their effects but as leading plant medicine science minds of academia or scholars of the ancients, such as Mark Plotkin or Elliot Cowan, as well as ancient or modern day indigenous healing traditions note, there is clearly more going on with plants than our modern science understands. 


The discovery of plants and plant enzymes apparently using quantum tunneling to transport nutrients at a molecular level (akin to Startrek teleporting . . for real) and of plants apparently communicating with little respect for laws of space and time has helped some begin to change their approach to modern plant medicine but by and large, understandably, we humans are still slow to grasp the ungraspable.


Plants do have a kind of intelligence, communication and healing powers which can verge on the amazing and miraculous. There is an emerging field of 'quantum medicine' and 'quantum biology' which is beginning to explain just how far off our perception of medicine and plant biochemistry has been for the last hundred years since our 'physical' and scientific understanding of the world around us began to radically evolve from Newtonian physics. 


At SKMS we do try to embrace these X factors and every imaginable element of vibrational energy theory we've learned or witnessed.  Old growers have seen some strange things.. if you open your mind to the magic it becomes easier and easier to see. But regardless of your level of faith in the intersection of quantum physics and ancient plant healing, from the Hermetics, to Tesla, to modern day quantum physicists to the Amazonian Shaman, they all swear by 'results' being all about understanding and respecting energy, frequency and vibrations. We believe incorporating this methodology genuinely makes a distinct difference in the mental health performance and healing potentials of our medicines for those who embrace the plants' energies.  You might be surprised how many skeptical clients have come to agree..there is definitely an X factor, and we may not know what it is but we're pretty good at capturing it.

SKMS' collective personal relations, knowledge and experience with plant medicine cover a wide range of health challenges. We are also blessed to have a lengthy history of many hundreds of clients to draw our experiential advice from, and to have developed and fine tuned medicinal products to over the years.  It is one thing to make a product.  Another to have made half a million of them for hundreds of people and heard their feedback weekly for many years. It brings a whole other level of product development and consistency demands. We frankly believe its not available elsewhere.  

It is this level of experience and dedication that we feel helps SKMS maintain a reputation as a leading and most consistent source of top quality alternative medicines in Maine. So many client testimonies tell a tale, as welll as doctor, family member, coworker and neighbor referrals weekly, even folks who move cross country or drive hours monthly for SKMS meds.


Results.  All about results. 


This fad called cannabis will pass. 


But we humans will always need to grow or heal.

Alternative Health and Dietary Coaching, Canna Science, Chronic Illness Counseling, Addiction Counseling, Certified Kitchen, All organic Grows, No Pesticides, No Chemicals.


Real Medicine. 

Real info.

Real People.



Your body is an amazing machine, so amazing that it is even programmed how to repair itself.

Enable the body to find its way back to strength, vitality and good health, to relieve pain, combat illness, level brain chemistry- its all related. The human body can amazingly often heal istelf if enabled.

Read the testimonies..

empower yourself.

"Have shopped medicinal cannabis for many years for serious chronic health conditions, including most states of the union and many countries, hundreds of dispensaries and even black market sources here and abroad- the SKMS crew has consistently provided far superior quality, an amazing variety of strains and med formats, an attention to detail and level of knowledge and professionalism I have not experienced elsewhere- truly awesome, hats off!" - Portland ME

"My father was shut off all treatments and sent home in a wheel chair to die.  He WALKED back into the Oncology Dept. thanks to you guys a couple months later to tell them what he thought of that.  Could not thank you enough." - Lewiston ME


"I hurt my foot in a climbing accident, went to the doctor, she gave me heat, cold, anti-inflammatories, aspirin, cortisone shots..it didn't work. Several months later [while researching pharmaceuticals in the Amazon] a Shaman cured my foot for seven months with a palm leaf. I went back to him, and its been cured for three years. Who would you rather be treated by?  Make no mistake, western medicine is the most successful system of medicine ever devised- but there's plenty of holes in it.."


  - Mark Plotkin from

"What the People of the Amazon Know that You Don't"

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